Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school uniform. 

The uniform was agreed in consultation with parents, pupils, staff and the Parent Council. It incorporates a range of popular items of dress, e.g. sweatshirts, T-shirts. 

Wearing school uniform contributes to a positive school ethos and helps avoid discrimination and reduces peer pressure to wear expensive designer clothing. 

Our uniform consists of:  

  • Boys - White shirt and tie or blue polo shirt /navy sweatshirt / grey trousers  
  • Girls-White shirt and tie or blue polo shirt/navy sweatshirt/grey skirt or pinafore/grey trousers  
  • For P.E. (boys and girls)  Trainers/sandshoes, school PE kit (ordered from the school office)   
  • Navy joggers and hooded sweatshirt for outdoor activities. 
  •  White shirt should be worn on all formal occasions e.g. photographs, visits etc.  

Sweatshirts and polo shirts with the school badge, along with additional items are available from the school office. Please contact the school with regard to purchasing these.  

Clothing Grants

If you are on a low income or in receipt of certain benefits you may be eligible for help towards the cost of school uniform.

A new combined online application form for free school meals, free nursery meals and school clothing grants was launched in July 2020.